Pemberley Interludes: Three Collected Tales

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With your own taste to guide you, I am sure your celebration could derive no further benefit from my opinions.


The Bingley sisters returned to their party, where Caroline continued to hold court with Mr. Elizabeth poured more coffee and carried it to Darcy and Mr. Forgive the interruption, gentlemen, but I thought you might appreciate something to drink. Cousin Elizabeth, your eagerness to serve your new husband does you credit.

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Collins accepted the coffee but could not leave off talking long enough to taste it. Do allow me to express once more my most heartfelt wishes for your future happiness. Though, as I was just expressing to Mr. What a relief! I know not how Mr. Darcy and I will get on until we obtain her approbation. Thank goodness you realize the seriousness of the situation. I had feared you were insensible of the grave insult you have paid her ladyship—.

Collins, she said as if addressing him in confidence, I have just come into the knowledge that there is another couple here who could benefit from your insights on marriage. She directed his attention toward the sofa. Miss Bingley and Mr. Parrish have just announced their engagement, and only moments ago, the lady was seeking my counsel on planning the ceremony. Certainly you—longer married than I, and a clergyman besides—could offer her valuable instruction. Collins nodded enthusiastically. I could indeed. There is so much a betrothed couple ought to consider—.

Why delay? Elizabeth asked. There is an empty seat near Miss Bingley.

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This is the perfect occasion to share your knowledge. The clergyman wanted no further encouragement. You are right, cousin Elizabeth. Wisdom can never be imparted too early. If you and Mr. Darcy will excuse me? I merely thought that someone so desirous of attention and someone so generous in extending it should be united in conversation. Spotting Charlotte Collins approaching the tea table, she contemplated how much luckier she was than her friend, in having found a life partner worthy of her respect. Collins skillfully, but Elizabeth nevertheless preferred her own definition of happiness.

Darcy followed her gaze. I am glad your friend Mrs. Collins could be here. Have you had much opportunity to visit with her? Very little. She looked up at him, this man with whom she was now joined. Everyone wants a few minutes with the bride, she said quietly, and all I want are a few minutes with you.

Beyond every expectation. Not that there was ever much doubt of my keeping you, but a man willing for my sake alone to bear the conversation of Mr. Collins has no equal. Their social obligations compelled them to part. Darcy went to the Gardiners, while Elizabeth met Mrs.

Collins at the tea table. She embraced her friend, noting immediately her thickened waist. I would not have missed it. Had Lady Catherine withheld permission for Mr. Collins to attend, I would have urgently wished to visit my mother once more before my confinement, or developed a craving for cream that could be satisfied only by the Lucas Lodge dairy. As Charlotte tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, Elizabeth noted that a few strands of grey had emerged amid the auburn since she last saw her friend.

You are feeling well? She poured tea for herself and Charlotte. I wonder that Mr. I suspect she approved our being present so that she could demand an account of all the sordid details upon our return.

She cocked her head, studying Elizabeth with keen blue eyes. Darcy looked radiant in a full dress of Brussels lace over white silk, with a low yet modest neckline, high waist, short sleeves, and a wreath of orange blossoms securing her veil.

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Her gaze darted across the room. Her bridegroom wore a dark blue dress coat, white waistcoat, highly starched cravat, and— She turned back to Elizabeth. What else? The wedding breakfast featured eight courses and three wines. And so on. But those are the particulars her ladyship will enquire about. Despite having ruined his great family with disgraceful connections?

She will not be pleased at the knowledge. I hoped for this event when you visited us last spring, you know. Perhaps in time her ladyship will come to accept you. Charlotte stirred milk into her tea, her expression turning serious. I shall surely miss your visits otherwise. Thank you so much! I tried so hard to keep the review spoiler-free, which is not an easy task with this book, so the review ended up being somewhat mysterious!

Can't wait to read this one and see how they get out of this angsty predicament! I have a theory; remains to be seen if I'm right ; Great review, Ceri! Thank you Monica! Well I had no theory going in, but quite early on I had a theory, which proved to be correct, go me! You'll have to let me know if your theory is right :.