Final Bearing

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They are to launch a strike that will put de Santiago and his empire out of business for good.

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Following deep jungle trails and hiking the lofty mountains of the ancient Inca Empire, they are intent on driving a stake through the heart of de Santiago's drug empire. From the old highways of the Incas to the plush haciendas of the drug lords, guerrilla armies are lurking, striking out at those who threaten their lucrative trade.

And at the same time, a futuristic minisub leaves Colombia. Destination: Seattle. I found it somewhat interesting although the pace of the book seemed to lag a bit in a few places. The author made a pretty good attempt to develop some of the main characters but I still found them to be a bit two-dimensional and a bit stereo-typed.

Final Bearing

In summary, it was a nice, easy read and reasonably entertaini This book, though a pretty good read, differed from your typical submarine adventure story. In summary, it was a nice, easy read and reasonably entertaining. Final Bearing Well written and very well laid out!

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A number of stories in one that leave the mind free to wander to different places and yet keep you on track. Looking forward to reading your next story! Mar 30, Greer Andjanetta rated it really liked it. DEA agents and a new anti-drug agency all combine to make a very readable and enjoyable action story. Great book of submarine tactics and navy operations Really action packed.

Mar 28, Colette McGran rated it it was amazing.

I just found a new author I really enjoyed this book from start to finish looking forward to reading the next one. Merrill Clark rated it really liked it Jun 13, David Duncan rated it really liked it May 13, Everett Morss rated it it was amazing Jun 25, Chuck Batherson rated it it was amazing May 20, Lee H Arnold rated it it was amazing Jun 20, Lara Amber rated it liked it Apr 26, Mike Grady rated it really liked it Dec 05, Joe Coney rated it it was amazing Apr 29, Richard C.

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Henson rated it really liked it Jul 02, Bill Swisher rated it really liked it Mar 31, John Lanzetta rated it really liked it Apr 02, Robert C. Anderson rated it it was amazing Nov 30, Benton Mcpeak rated it it was amazing May 09, Curtiss Robinson rated it it was amazing Mar 16, Ken rated it really liked it Dec 23, Larry Jacobs rated it really liked it Jun 17, Jane Mankin rated it really liked it Apr 19, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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About George Wallace. George Wallace. After the obligatory and memorable interview with Admiral Rickover, he was accepted into the nuclear power and submarine communities. Commander Wallace served as Executive Officer on the Sturgeon class nuclear attack submarine Spadefish. Commander George Wallace retired to the civilian business world in , after twenty-two years of service on nuclear submarines.

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Final Bearing

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